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Gaza-Sderot, la vie malgré tout

Le programme Gaza-Sderot investit le potentiel d'internet à devenir un media riche : ni le prolongement, ni la translation d'un autre.

Pour autant, l'expérience fait oublier les moyens technologique qu'elle déploie, laissant place à l'humain : la rencontre de plusieurs regards, celui du spectateur, des auteurs, des réalisateurs et des personnages qui peuplent le web-documentaire.

Le principe reste simple : il s'agit de la vie quotidienne dans deux villes, situées de part et d'autre de la frontière israélo-palestinienne.

Tous les jours, un « webisode » de 2 minutes permet de suivre une dizaine de personnages, pendant deux mois.

Grâce à un procédé narratif et une interface spécifique, la navigation, géographique ou chronologique offre une découverte de la vie d'hommes et de femmes, nous rapprochant sensiblement de leur quotidien.

Gaza-Sderot, la vie malgré tout (call to action)


Publié le 18/11/2008

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  • Picture of julien

    18 November

    Rendons à César ce qui est à César, c'est Upian (http://www.upian.com/)qui nous a pondu ce site.

    Quel bel oeuf !

  • Picture of jeremie

    18 November

    Exactement, c'est même Thomas qui m'a offert cette belle découverte !

  • Picture of Sean

    15 November

    / Ich finde das Design nicht am Wichtigsten. Trotzdem ist ab und zu etwas Abwechslung nicht schlecht. Da ich dein Blog aber erst seit kuzrem kennen, finde ich alles schf6n so wie es ist Eine schf6ne Alternative zu Browsershots ist der . Dort registriert man sich ffcr einen Testaccount und kann dann einen Client herunterladen mit dem man auf einem System seiner Wahl in Echtzeit surft.

  • Picture of Esthefany

    22 February

    I think the Mentally Retarded are the Leftist media that encourage the bad guys to do such thnigs by giving them positive coverage when they do. Hamas and the rest may be evil but they are not stupid -- they do what works. The Leftist media... well I'll let you decide whether they are evil, or stupid, or both.

  • Picture of Mirta

    30 March

    one time it was either him or Pollard), Cap Weinberger(apostate Jew) who gave the Judge in the case "secret" ppaers which was not seen by the defense team. And there is others...by the time they pass away, Pollard will be an old man. Then maybe, just maybe they will let him go. The whole case is like the story: "The Man in the Iron Mask". In-re the question are Jews normal? We are not...in the Torah, the Jewish witnessed miracles, heard the voice of G-d, etc...and yet, in light of all this...we are still screw ups. G-d himself wanted to wipe us out and give Moshe leadership over another people...Moshe talked G-d out of it. In 1948, we fought off several better trained and numerous foes and secured our independence, in 1967, again out enemies defeated and the country saved, 1973...we are on the gates of both Cairo and Damascus...so in spite of all this, we doubt G-d,our own abilities and strength, we want to give up our land in the faint hopes of peace in spite of evidence to the contary(and the army tells us not to worry as they have plans to retake everything...paying for real estate twice). Sedrot gets hit off and on for several years and we are at best impotent(willingly). So are we normal? No, but in spite of this G-d has a covenant with us, loves us in spite of ourselves and helps us. Lastly, in-re Obama...not all blacks support him, the younger ones yes...the older ones are a mixed bag and tend towards Hillary and others conservative. A few, think that any black that works with whites...are uncle toms.

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